Handyman Services

Green Construction is pleased to extend a new service line to you, our loyal as well as brand new customers, for your homes as well as commercial properties. We believe no job is too small, and it’s time for us to incorporate that into our business plan. The smallest tasks are just as important as the large jobs when building a lasting impression.

For an annual flat fee, you will receive Preferred Client status. This premium service includes a guarantee that our staff will be on site within 48 hours of the initial call or request. Those on the list will have discounted rates, which will be sent upon request.

While we hope to include you as a Preferred Client, it is not necessary in order to take advantage of these services.

We are providing the following services to both residential and commercial clients;

  • Small repairs (wall repairs, trim, paint, etc.)
  • TV mounting and cable routing
  • Wall hangings (pictures, small appliances, etc.)
  • Door Hardware replacement
  • Minor electrical (replacing receptacles, lights, etc.)
  • Sink and shower fixture replacements
  • Caulking – interior and exterior
  • Roof repairs
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Railing installation or repairs
  • Furniture assembly
  • Office fit out or layout changes

* Rates are for labor only. All material costs will be billed accordingly at the time of invoice.

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